Many ranchers will say that their goal is to grow the happiest, finest quality cows possible. Here at Copper Coyote Ranch, we don’t just pay it lip service – that’s the mantra that we live by, every single day.

The richness of our beef starts and ends with our grass, because all good things on the ranch depend upon the health of the soil and our ability to capture the goodness of the sun.

With a nod to Joel Salatin’s iconic Polyface Farm and Gabe Brown’s groundbreaking advances in soil improvement, our philosophy is to move our cows through rotational grazing, constantly providing them with a “salad bar” of fresh pasture.

The bovines graze on thousands of acres of pasture land, mimicking the movements of buffalo in the way nature intended. You won’t find hormones, grain, or steroids here at Copper Coyote Ranch, because we simply don’t use them.

It’s also our unique, proprietary breeding program, which factors in everything from time of breeding, to the size and temperament of the bulls.

Rather than focusing on the ROI of a single animal, we instead strive toward the happiness of each animal, which translates into higher overall quality.

All of this translates into a fantastic, closed-loop cycle that respects the Laws of Nature. It starts by creating more vibrant, healthier soil, thus growing more nutrient-dense grasses, which offer our cows better pastures on which to graze.

This leads to a cow that is happier and healthier, thus providing you a much more nutrient rich food source unparalleled in its deliciousness.


The Copper Coyote core team is made up of individuals from varied career paths who have come together in central British Columbia, to build a highly productive ranch and farm system in the midst of the global crisis.

We have backgrounds in sustainable food security, wilderness survival, big-game hunting, and successful business development. We’re hard-working, driven, passionate, and competitive – and we’re all-in on this venture to help feed our local and regional communities.

While grateful for each and every blessing which has been bestowed upon us by the universe, we’re also proud of our myriad personal accomplishments in the old world. This has included numerous appearances and recognition in major media publications, millions of TV and social media views, featured talks at universities and business events, and glowing recommendations from some of the world’s most influential thought leaders.

As the world has melted down under the weight of COVID-19, we’ve burned the boats, so to speak, and are pressing forward to build Copper Coyote Ranch & Farms into a world-class sustainable food production operation.

We believe that our combined lifetimes of experience encompassing so many unique elements of business and food from all around the world, provide a solid foundation on which to build an enterprise capable of positively impacting the world around us.

We’re aiming to be a lighthouse in the midst of the storm, and a beacon of hope in the rebuilding that follows.

Beyond organic, naturally delicious, sustainable farm to table food security. We are Copper Coyote Ranch.


The headlines recently have been borderline apocalyptic: large-scale farmers tilling under massive crops ready for harvest, livestock euthanized by the thousands because meatpacking plants have shut down, media trumpeting warnings of looming food shortages and untenable price hikes.

In the midst of this global chaos, the average food product consumed in North America has still travelled, on average, over 1,500 miles before reaching the grocery store. Statistics for meat illuminate an even longer journey.

Clearly, a system overhaul is desperately needed, and we’re taking the necessary steps with our corner of paradise toward sustainability and protein purity.

Our goal is to build a future-proof system, maximizing the land and its resources in a manner which continually improves the soil health and thus the production capacity, in a naturally symbiotic manner.

We strive to propagate this process by following organic patterns of growth, regeneration, and seasonality, in harmony with nature.

No chemicals, hormones, or synthetics are used, and our closed-loop system provides meaningful symbiosis across the continuum of the ranch.

Our dedication to vertical integration thereby provides a low carbon footprint that is truly Farm To Fork, and for this reason we embody the definition of local, selling exclusively in our nearby and regional communities.